Delivery Charges

Destination Shipping Method Estimated Time Delivery Charges
USA, CanadaRegistered Air Mail 2-4 weeks SGD7/cp
Mexico & South AmericaRegistered Air Mail 2-4 weeks SGD7/cp
EuropeRegistered Air Mail 4 weeks SGD8/cp
UKRegistered Air Mail 2-4 weeks SGD8/cp
AsiaRegistered Air Mail 2-4 weeks SGD5/cp
ChinaRegistered Air Mail 2-4 weeks SGD5/cp
Malaysia, Brunei Air Mail 2 weeks Free
Singapore Local Mail 1 week Free
Australia Local Mail 1 week SGD3.30/cp
Rest of the WorldAir Mail 4 weeks SGD8/cp

* This schedule is accurate if stock is immediately available. In cases where the book is not yet published or temporary out of stock, slight delays may be expected.

*Delivery charges may change without prior notice.