Peter Pan was launched in October 2021 in Singapore by World Scientific Publishing

Here’s another edition of the boy who never grows up. Well-loved Peter Pan continues to entrance the worlds of young readers as he takes Wendy, John and Michael on a journey to Neverland. 

Mallika’s second book for children is part of the POP! Lit for Children series, featuring beloved classics from the west and east.

It is perfect for young readers between the age of six and twelve. Plus the book carries augmented reality features, helping the reader to improve his/her command of the English language. Great for children with visual difficulties as well due to the audio aspect that comes with the augmented reality feature. Get in touch with the author for a book launch signing and talks in your city.


Originally written by J.M.Barrie, this edition is re-told by Mallika Naguran and David Desmond O’Flaherty. Illustrated by Ludmila Pipchenko.