Creative Writing Workshop for Youths

Youth creative writing workshops are being held to help establish the African identity within Tasmania. Original stories would contribute towards content sharing at these workshops.


The aims are the following:

1. Help youths to tell our own stories

2. Rally young people together especially those who find it difficult to identify or connect with their African roots

3. Reconcile issues in generation gap

4. Educate the wider community on issues and topics of interest towards social cohesion and cultural appreciation


Co-ordinated by the Sudanese community in Launceston, Mallika Naguran conducted a creative writing workshop on 29 November 2020. She focused on storytelling and short story writing techniques. Around 30 youths from diverse culture attended the full-day session and wrote their stories at the end of the day.


Here are a few snapshots of the event.


Youth 1
Participant sharing her storyline with great enthusiasm.
Youth 2
Sarah Luate talks about the characters in her story.
Mallika coaches
Mallika Naguran talks through a participant's outline and sketch.
Mallika writes on the board
Planning the plot is a good idea and the shape of events to narrate, says Mallika Naguran.
Goodbye, participants. It was fun! Hope you'll write some amazing stories soon.