How to Advance Your Writing Skills


Whether to improve your writing skills or to give your imagination a framework for the written word, Mallika Naguran should be able to help.


Mallika is an experienced writer and editor. She has written books for children and adults. She has also edited other novelists’ books and continues to guide authors as they struggle with their manuscripts. Mallika is currently commissioned by World Scientific Education to edit aand manage book projects.


Workshops running from a day to three days could be held to further the writing quality of children, youth and adults. Anybody who is keen to become a successful writer should get in touch with Mallika for close support and coaching especially through the online medium.


Mallika is based in Tasmania, a glorious and green island-state far south of Australia. She is happy to travel within Australia and overseas for on-site conferences, workshops and retreats.


The agenda for a workshop on Short Story Writing could look like this.


Creative Writing

What is creative writing?

Types of creative writing

Creative writing through the Short Story genre


What is a Short Story?


Elements of Short Story Writing


Planning the story

The essence

The outline

Types of genre and supporting narratives:

i) historical non-fiction (story telling based on research);

ii) creative non-fiction

iii) historical fiction

v) fiction

vi) non-fiction (e.g. diary, report, observation, commentary)


Point of View (POV)

Why is it important?


Plot of a Story

How does the plot support the story?


Sketching the Outline

Uniquely Mallika’s approach to storytelling


Characters & Characterisation




Creative Techniques


What do you have in mind for a writing workshop? Do you need someone to read your work or edit your manuscript?


Do contact Mallika for a chat. She’s always happy to hear from others when it comes to story writing.