Ramayana: The Quest to Rescue Sita (Hard Cover)


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Exiled from his homeland, Prince Rama must brave through an odyssey in search of his wife, Princess Sita. She’s been captured by a demon that Rama must overcome before taking his place as the rightful ruler. A dramatic tale of love, abduction and battle will play out in a world thronged by heroes, deities and demons. The timeless Ramayana has thrilled readers and listeners since the fourth century B.C.

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4 reviews for Ramayana: The Quest to Rescue Sita (Hard Cover)

  1. theWriterMal

    “The book is colourful and attractive. I like the way that the main characters are introduced at the beginning of the book. Big and colourful font size makes it easy for kids to read.

    Moreover, the storytelling session held by Mallika Naguran (on 14 November 2021, South Hobart) was vey good. My four and a half-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. The musical pieces (tabla) during the storytelling were fantastic and helped to create the atmosphere! Not only kids but we as parents enjoyed the session and actually visualised the scenes. It’s a commendable effort to introduce kids to their cultural roots in a fun way. The rangoli activity for kids after the session was a bonus.

    After coming home, my daughter sat down with the book and told us the story as per her version and I think that’s the biggest success of this session!”

    — Amruta Nene, mother, Hobart, Tasmania. 15 November 2021

  2. theWriterMal

    I read your book yesterday and imagined myself as a child who knew something about the legend. It certainly brings it alive with the colourful characters and illustrations. A fine achievement. Congratulations!

    Lynne Beck, Art Educator, Hobart, Tasmania. 9 November 2021

  3. theWriterMal

    I like the story as it has a lot of fantasy, which I did not expect, and comedy. The conversation between the characters was humorous. My favourite characters are Hanuman and Rama. I like the bigger-coloured words too. They are easier to read and understand.

    — Karish Titus, 7, Singapore. 15 October 2021

  4. theWriterMal

    This book is a fun take on the story of Ramayana and the rescue of Sita, and the illustrations are very beautiful. Not only is it a fun book to read, you can come across many facts, morals along the way until the end. I recommend this book to child-adults wanting to learn about the story of the Ramayana epic.

    — Sarviny Dinesh, 13, Hobart, Tasmania. 13 November 2021

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