She Never Looks Quite Back


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Readers of these short stories will be taken from fast-transforming concrete Singapore, wild Malaysian forests to rough African seas through waves of episodes and narratives that women can readily identify with.


These are triggered by life changing events that elicit these emotions or state of mind: loss, regret, longing, lust, love, sensuality, infidelity, hope, courage, mysticism, wildness, social unrest, refuge seeking and more. The stories depict the multifarious social fabric of Singapore and Malaysia, aspects of humanity, the relevance of the environment and climate change on our everyday lives.


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  1. theWriterMal

    ‘It is one thing to talk about climate change and its impacts, but another to show it. Mallika Naguran has shown through her lyrical storytelling and imaginative scenarios, especially in the fictionalised true stories “The Liquid Goalie” and “Bird Watching”, what it is to experience the everyday struggles associated with environmental impacts. An important work of fiction in understanding ecosystems and human nature, which is also very interesting and enjoyable to read.’

    -Dr. Balgis Osman Elasha, chief climate change and green growth specialist,
    African Development Bank Group, leading member of the IPCC 2007, recipient of Nobel Peace Prize 2007 and UNEP Champions of the Earth 2008.

  2. theWriterMal

    There’s something to be said for those who write for a purpose and with clear intent. Such is our present author whose tales are suffused with meaningful insights into the way we live, the way we respond to situations and the way we imagine life to be. Readers will want to compare the author’s outlook with their own and through such comparison derive not only joy but also a deeper appreciation of our humanity.

    Our author writes with courage, conviction and even, on occasion, with cheek. Her narratives disclose deep-seated emotions and conduct that we can all identify with as well as share in the lighter moments presented with eclair.

    A considered and sensitive rendering of humanity’s struggle with Truth and other values we cherish.’

    -Kirpal Singh, author, poet, academic and creativity guru

  3. theWriterMal

    In her vividly-rendered short stories, Mallika Naguran holds up the past to light and shows you that it never quite leaves you, no matter how you turn away or turn your back on it. Only through a renegotiation, and a reconciliation, can you make sense of it. Here’s an exciting new voice!

    -Felix Cheong, author and National Arts Council Young Artist winner

  4. theWriterMal

    These are passionate, dreamlike stories that hit secret places of the soul, sometimes stinging, most times, singing.

    -Michelle Martin, broadcaster, podcast creator “Read with Michelle”, MoneyFM 89.3

  5. theWriterMal

    This is an unusual collection of 13 stories of women of diverse ages & backgrounds, spanning time and space, from Poland in the time of the Holocaust to the jungles of Malaysia. Each is told with extraordinary sensitivity. The writer is clearly a keen observer of the natural environment, of human relationships & the politics of the periods that she writes about. Her stories tell of war, social displacements, the pandemic, environmental justice, and of love, passion, infidelity and death. She transports you to the deep souls of these women as they ponder the vulnerability of their lives.

    -Adjunct Prof Lye Lin Heng, Special Advisor & former Chair, MSc (Env. Mgt) [MEM] programme (2001-2018); Hon. Advisor and former Director, Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL) (2013-17), Law Faculty, National University of Singapore.

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