Ramayana: The Quest to Rescue Sita

This book is part of the first batch of Pop! Lit for Kids series–a World Scientific Publishing initiative to improve kids’ understanding of world culture through beautifully illustrated stories. 


Ramayana: The Quest to Rescue Sita is an exciting story created for young readers. An epic made readable and enjoyable!


Exiled from his homeland, Prince Rama must brave through an odyssey in search of his wife, Princess Sita. She’s been captured by demon king Ravana that Rama must overcome before taking his place as the rightful ruler. A dramatic tale of love, abduction and battle will play out in a world thronged by heroes, deities and demons. The timeless Ramayana has thrilled readers and listeners since the fourth century B.C. 


Authored by Mallika Naguran based on the ancient Valmiki’s Ramayana. Illustrated by Kavita Singh Kale.


Taking classic stories from Asia and the West, Pop! Lit for Kids reimagines them into easy-to-read stories that provide the perfect introduction to classic tales. The most well-loved stories from around the world have been adapted into a form that will excite and entertain children everywhere. Readers can embark on new adventures with famous beloved storybook characters. In addition, the books come to life with augmented reality features, giving readers an enhanced experience that they’ll never forget!


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What others have said about this book: Fantastic book, loved sharing this exciting story with my six year old. Well written and great illustrations.” Sarina Jesudason from England on Amazon UK. Rated it 5 out of 5 stars.